26 Responses to “These Shelties Have Something to Say”

  1. Tonya

    I don’t get the frustrations with the confusion between the breeds. Maybe it’s because collies were my first love. There are so very many breeds out there, and shelties DO look just like a little collie. I think it’s sweet that someone takes the time to comment on my dog….even if they are a bit off based.

  2. Susan

    I first saw this pic on FB and was so tickled. Wished I had thought of this. Way to go. I think you deserve a medal. I, too, am tired of people asking me what kind of dogs I have and if they’re related to Lassie. Bad enough that people think our 3 yr old Blue Merle is OLD.

  3. Janice Wolbach

    The bestest present my husband of 27 yrs. ever gave me is when he came home w/ brother + sister shelties… Cody + Milissa.

  4. sharon

    Hahaha! I have to educate people almost every day about the mini Collie thing. This is a much better way to get the message across!! What a great group photo. Gorgeous dogs. Thanks for giving me a laugh!

  5. Bobbie Pyron

    LOL! That’s telling them! What I get most often with my blue merle sheltie is people asking if he’s a miniature aussie. They seem surprised that shelties come in blue merle ;)

  6. Jan hunter

    What beautiful shelties you have! Thanks for sharing the whole group with us. You are right, shetland sheepdogs are a special breed and most people do not know what our dogs are called.

  7. Dianne

    My AHHHH day today..What a lovely lot of little proud and furry Shetlands Sheedogs!
    Beautiful photo and love the little tilt of the Sheltie at the end with his tilted ears> lol

  8. Bill

    Pretty dogs. All in one house? Bet that’s a lively household……
    Bill – 3 Rescue Shelties

  9. Robert Wright

    LOL How appropriate !! LOL
    How many people ask if they are puppies thinking they MUST be Collie pups ??

  10. Francine

    My Ellie-Boy and his sister Kara-May (Shelties) agree and say “and that’s that!”.

    Very funny, love the photo, keep sharing!

  11. Sandra

    Amen to you guys! That does get tiresome! Miniature what’s???
    Speak your minds babies! Lovely group you have there!

  12. Robin

    What a great picture, they get their point a crossed. Alot of people ask me if my dog is a miniature collie.

  13. Elizabeth

    You are NOT miniature Collies and you are NOT miniature lassies … but you are ALL cute, happy, well behaved, mischievous, lovable SHELTIES!!!!

  14. Sullivan

    What a way to make a statement . . . Good for you!

    These are ALL such beautiful furbabies, what a great group, you must be so proud. I can only imagine the “announcements” that are made at your house when the doorbell rings! And Victoria certainly has the right answer!

  15. cindy

    I get ‘little lassie’ all the time..I’ve gotten so used to it I don’t correct most people. Of course, Gavin is a shaded sable, so he does look like a little Lassie. But he would put up with anything for extra pats from people, so I can’t complain :D I do think I need a t-shirt for him, the ‘If lassie was a Sheltie Timmy never would have fallen down the well’ kind of shirt!

    • Margie Sheffel

      Cindy I think you may have come up with a money making project printingt those shirts for Sheltie owners :-) LOL


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