This is tiny little Jasmine who we got from Michigan Sheltie Rescue. She is the sweetest little soul. She came to the rescue when a next door neighbor could no longer stand seeing her chained to a fence during the cold winters and hot summers here in MI for 5 years! She was used as as a backyard breeding dog. So very sad. When she was no longer producing puppies the owner finally agreed to let her go to the rescue as recommended by the neighbor. Now she is a special cherished member of our family… she is spoiled now and enjoying every moment! She deserves it!


Hugs to you Gloria for giving her a loving home!

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  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    There are truly no words I can utter that would be better descriptive than those the other commentors have already said. She’s a sweet little beauty and deserved better. Cruelty is a despicable sin. May she live out the remainder of her life with love, comfort and kindness.

  2. Aus sheltie mum

    So so happy this little cherub has a lovely home now. Makes me so sad to think she was outside and chained up all this time:( good on you Gloria!

  3. sharon

    I made the mistake of viewing this while at work and got so teary-eyed! Thanks to Gloria and the neighbor and all the rescue folks for bringing Jasmine into the light and warmth of a wonderful family. She is beyond adorable, with her big soulful eyes. Long and happy life wishes for Jasmine.

  4. Sandra

    What a beautiful Jasmine! All that has been said is so true. Those who mistreat animals and children have a “place” waiting on them one day and it’s not even as “nice” as a chain – they so don’t deserve even that.
    Just don’t understand people like that except to say there is more proof of the evil in this world.
    Thanks be to GOD for those who seek to rescue such loving animals and give them the love that they so deserve.
    Love to you our Shelties and your rescuers too.

  5. Michele

    Thank you Gloria for adopting precious Jasmine. She is such a cutie & she has the sweetest face. I know Carol from Michigan Rescue. God bless her, the neighbor & you for rescuing one more Sheltie from a cruel situation. Thank you for sharing Jasmine’s photo and touching story.

  6. jeannette

    It is wonderful that Jasmine had a neighbor who was concerned and committed to finding her a better home and the that she found you!

  7. Maida Farrar

    I am so happy for sweet little Jasmine! I know she is very grateful to all of you who rescued her and got her into such a loving home. Rescued Shelties are so very special and have so much love to give us. Bless her little heart. I wish I could give her a hug and a big kiss too. God bless all of you who played a part in rescuing her. She really is a darling little sweetheart. Hugs and kisses for her.

  8. Tina

    God bless beautiful little Jasmine! It breaks my heart to hear of such cruelty in this world but the spark of hope is because of people like you, Gloria.

  9. Dianne

    Thank you so much for posting! Jasmine is such a beautiful little Sheltie…I thank you Gloria for giving this prescious little girl a loving home, where she can be loved for who she is and not for being there just so she can produce profit for unloving people…

    I can understand a person who will breed their loved ones so us Sheltie lover,s can find a puppy to love and cherish, as otherwise none of us would have a little Sheltie friend, but not just to make a profit, and not love them, and cast them away when their breeding days are over…I find that despicable
    I would like to thank all the breeder,s out there that love and really care for all their little friends sincerely, and make try their best to find loving homes for the littles puppies
    Thank again to all out there that have so much love and compassion to adopt and find caring and loving homes for all the little furry babies out there.They deserve love and be part of a family just as we humans do.All a person has to do is look into their eyes and that says it all…lol

  10. Gloria

    Thank you ALL for the kind words and well wishes for our dear little Jasmine.

    We have so many people to thank for allowing her to be part of our family.

    First and formost, Carol Strotheide, from Michigan Sheltie Rescue.
    She posted Jasmine on and when I saw Little Jasmine I called immediately.

    I knew Jasmine would make a great addition to our family. I knew this sweet soul would be a perfect match for my sister who also loves shelties.
    She is a school teacher and adopted Jasmine.

    I also have to thank John who drove 3 hours with me to get Jasmine from Grand Rapids MI.

    Most of all we have the thank the neighbor of the back yard breeder who desperately wanted to remove Jasmine from a horrible situation.

    I have great respect for breeders who care about the proper breeding of shelties. But, I have nothing but disdain for backyard breeders who care nothing for the pet other than monetary value of the pups they produce.

    As one person said… “There is a special hell waiting for people that do this to an animal!”

    The Petfinder bio of Jasmine: This is a gentle dog that is grateful for any positive attention.

    She now has that and more. I have three male sheltie that Jasmine loves to play with them when she comes to visit. She has always shown thankfulness to us with her sweet demeanor. She is one precious pup.

    Shelties are so very sensitive and deserve a home that appreciates them. For all those that rescue a SPECIAL THANKS! Nothing can be sweeter than the love we give to one another.

  11. Judy

    So happy that Jasmine is getting all the love she deserves. She will return that love with all her heart and you’ll be the lucky recipient! God is now smiling that one of his precious creatures is safe & happy.

  12. Lynne Leimberg

    It’s wonderful people like you that help me cope through some very difficult situations. Thank you so much for not giving up on her.????

  13. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    iT SURLEY tears a hole in my heart to hear such a story as that breader. I hope God puts that man in hell for sure.

    God bless you for rescueing her and giving her a nice home to spend then rest of mher days in.

    Before humans die they write their last will and testament, give their home and all they have, to those they leave behind. If, with my paws,i could do the same, this is whati would ask…

    To a poor and lonely stray, I’d give:

    My happy home..
    My bowl and cozy bed, soft pillows, and all my toys.
    The lap which I loved so much.
    The hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice that spoke my name.

    I’d will to the sad, scared shelter dog, the place I had in my human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.

    So when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.”

    Instead, go find an unloved dog one whose life has held no joy or hope and give My place to Him.

    This is the only thing I can give……
    The love I left behind.

    Author unknown

  14. Holly

    Stories like this tug at my heart strings every single time, especially when they involve shelties. Thank God for people like you Gloria. How can people do this and have no qualms about it. They are sick. So glad this story has such a happy ending.

  15. jo

    Jasmine is a lucky girl to have been removed from such an awful existence. She looks pretty comfy on that chair, too!

  16. Larry

    She is so sweet looking. Taking in Rescue dogs is a great thing to do. Gloria she will give you so much Love. Thank you.

  17. Marylou

    What a wonderful loving person you are to do this for Jasmine!! I would have done the same–I love Shelties-had 2 of them before and such beautiful dogs and sooooooo sweet and loving. So very happy for Jasmine and thanks
    to you she will have a loving, happy, forever home!!


  18. Sheila Johnson

    You and the neighbor who rescued her are both heroes! God Bless you, your family, and especially Jasmine. May all her days be filled with love, comfy beds and yummy treats.

  19. Vicky

    I’ll never understand how some humans can be so cruel and heartless, like they have no soul. But they’ll get theirs in the end, guarantee it. I am just so thankful that this little one is one of the lucky blessed ones who has a happy ending. And she is absolutely adorable.

  20. Robin

    What a sad story but a happy ending. Good for you for taking her in she is adorable. She is going to be one happy dog in her new home.

  21. Freddie

    How can people get away with treating animals like that? I hope somebody reported it and that breeder is getting what he deserves.

    Great that there are people like you, Gloria, Jasmine looks beautiful, I would spoil her, too ;-)

  22. nannypols

    from seeing a lovely photo of a happy Sheltie on another board, I come to see this… and I cry.. How can any so called human do this…

    but there she is now happy, and truly deserves that chair throne….

  23. Sullivan

    Thank you Gloria for saving this BEAUTIFUL little soul. There is a special place in Heaven for you, and for sure a very special place in hell for the breeder who did this to your wonderful little Jasmine. The good thing is we know that Jasmine knows what you have done for her, so now all that is left to determine is who loves who the most. Look at those sweet little eyes, I too am so in love with this little heart dog and you know have a companion for life, how lucky you both are.


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