The table is set…


The main course is ready…


All that’s missing are the guests!


Beckon in his Secret Service tie!


Annie Laurie looking devastating!


Bitsy in a demure collar by Vera Wag!


And Layla in — could it be the same hat as Miss Laurie? People Magazine, who wore it best?


My dear, it’s just scrumptious cake!


Drat!  Dropped a crumb!


Maybe just a teensy bit more!


Manners begin to deteriorate…until the guests are replete!


What a wonderful event, Chris! :))

24 Responses to “Sheltie Victorian Valentine High Tea”

  1. Jan hunter

    These pictures are priceless! I did something similar when my first sheltie was two years old thirty plus years ago. My dogs and their birthday guests only wore their” furs”–ho hats or scarves or ties. Thanks for sharing these precious photos with us.

  2. Lycia (Logan's mom)

    Oh My! Love it!
    What a fantastic party! My Logan would like to be invited at the next valentine’s day too … ; )
    But here in Brazil we celebrate on June, 12th. Thus, I will have time to prepare a nice party too…lol…you inspired me!
    Nice pictures!

  3. Nancy (Baily, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    OMG – ABSOLUTLEY LOVED THIS!! Thanks for sharing your valentines day tea and your beautiful furbabies with us. What a lucky bunch they are having such a wonderful Mom!!

  4. sharon

    I viewed this great pictures with delight and awe! What fun for everyone, participants and observers! I am just giggling like crazy. Great idea, Chris. Who says we spoil our Shelties? ;-)

  5. Kimberly D

    LOVE IT. What a cute and funny set of photos of the best Valentine high tea ever! The hat had to be my favorite. =)

  6. Dorothy

    This is pure awesomeness! Oh, my gosh, I am going to be smiling every time I think of this! Delightful. <3 I think my favorite of the still shots was the one "manners begin to deteriorate"–lol! It is harder not to get right up on the table when one cannot use a fork! Knew that was coming, despite those dainty hats and lovely tie. Thanks for sharing this–how adorable! xoxoxo Happy Valentine's day to you and all the shelties!
    P.S.–have you ever seen the magazine "Victoria"? This would be the perfect set of photos for it!

  7. Michele

    Loved your pictures! Your doggies are so adorable & have such good table manners “up to a point” – ha ha !!! The pretty hat looks soooo cute on your girl! Chris, you brightened my morning with your Valentine’s Day Party pics!

    Happy Valentines everyone.

  8. jo

    Those Shelties know how to have a good time! Love the ‘manners began to deteriorate’ line. So cute, happy Valentines Day to all the Shelties and Sheltie lovers in the world! Mine aren’t getting any cake though, hopefully they won’t see this post & get any ideas.

  9. Joan

    This is an extremely beatutiful series of pictures; telling an adorable story; with the most precious, elegant guests. (Love the tie and hat) With those loveable pups, I’d be tempted to throw a party every week. Thank you for a most wonderful Valentine gift.

  10. Francine

    OMG! Just made my day, love it!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to my Sheltie Nation Family and the 4-legged, furry ones too! xxx/ooo

  11. Sullivan

    WOW! The grand gala of the year and I missed it. What a shame, looks like the guest list was cream of the crop. The evening wear was not to be out done anywhere, the ladies look stunning and the gentleman so handsome and dapper. Decorations: amazing, and the menu was simply over the top. My, my . . . how we do spoil our furbabies and love every second of it. I’m looking at all of these striking faces and can see that a good time was had by all. Way to go Chris, can’t wait to see how you’re going to top this next year!

  12. Elizabeth

    What a hooooottt! Am still giggling! You are so sweet to plan and provide the party for these special Shelties, and then you documented for all of us, too — Thank you!


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