22 Responses to “No wonder the puppy didn’t cry the first night.”

  1. Laura

    These are my parents and brodie is doing amazing. We take the grandbabies over all the time and brodie is just as excited to see them as they are him. He loves to play fetch and will even initiate it by bringing toys from his basket and dropping it in your lap or at your feet and staring at you as if to say “please!! Oh please throw it!!!” He is spoiled rotten and so sweet.

  2. Janice Wolbach

    That would be me, love it that the dad couldn’t see him sleeping all by himself!

  3. Karol

    Oh my gosh……………that looks exactly like Sadie when she was a puppy. You have one beautiful sheltie! I just love the look on Brodie’s face, he looks very peaceful.

  4. Michele

    Awwww… that is SO SO cute. Love the captions too… they are great.

    I told my husband that will be us in a couple months when we get our new puppy. LOL!

  5. Dianne

    AWWW Too cute, and another AHHHH moment for me today Enjoy that little baby of your, and looking forward to see many many more pictures of him growing up !

  6. anncarol

    Oh this is so cute,we used to have 2 of them and they were considered runts of the litters,but they were our babies.

  7. Nancy (Bailey, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    Awww – such a sweet little boy. Congratulations on your new fur baby!

  8. Tina

    What an absolute angel!!! This is too sweet!!! I get all emotional when I see a baby sheltie! Congratulations on your new beautiful baby!! :)

  9. jo

    Aww Brodie is just too sweet. And Brodie is a family name in my family, my dad would be honored to see a cutie of Scotch heritage like himself named Brodie! Hugs to that little guy.

  10. Sullivan

    WOW Ron and Teri, what an absolute sweetheart Brody is! We want to see lots of pics as this beauty grows up. There are lots of long, happy, fun filled days in your futures. Good luck to all.


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