10 Responses to “Wait—Sunbeam AND a Toy? HEAVEN!”

  1. Jan Hunter

    Duchess is such a beauty. She reminds me of my first sheltie who stole my heart 40 years ago. She looks so nice in the sunlight with her toy. Enjoy your precious sheltie as she teaches you so much with her special personality and traits. I have learned they are all different and all wonderful.Thanks for making my day!

  2. Susan

    Hmmm, I don’t think folding laundry is in their job description. One of our Shelties likes to steal socks from the laundry basket and run away with them!

  3. Ann

    Duchess sure is a cutie and she sure looks regal with that sunbeam glowing all around her! Yes, I too, would love for my shelties to learn how to fold laundry but, I really don’t think I am the master around here. LOL….

  4. jo

    Duchess is lovely in the sunbeam! I love her expression, she’s so very pretty.

    If she ever learns to fold laundry, can she come over to my house & teach my dogs? We also have toys she can play with while she visits.

  5. Sullivan

    It looks like Duchess thinks she is too much of a princess to be doing menial labor, and I have to agree, this little girl is adorable. I love those soulful little eyes and she’s got a bit of sexiness going on with the one tipped ear. Her red color is stunning, my Bambi was this color and I think it is my favorite of all the Sheltie colors, but don’t get me wrong, they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing your little dollbaby with us Susan.


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