shebarescueSheba came into rescue a couple of months ago, unable to really stand on her own and walk any distance. She was overweight with very bad hip dysplasia. Well, thanks to her foster parents, Sheba is doing wonderfully! She has lost 5 lbs. and had alternative therapies including laser, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. She can now getting up on her own and walking around all the time. She still needs help with stairs, but she has improved so much! We are so pleased with her achievements!

Sheba is a truly wonderful sweet dog. She is friendly with the other dogs she lives with and great with everyone she meets. She is just such a happy girl who holds no ill will for being neglected.

Sadly the rescue has not had one inquiry for adoption for this girl. Please share her. She is a beautiful color headed white sheltie who will definitely not disappoint her new family. She has so much love to give!

Contact Julie at: [email protected] if interested in adopting this sweetie who deserves a loving home!

UPDATE 1/25/14: Sheba has been adopted!

10 Responses to “Tri-State Sheltie Rescue (NY/NJ/CT): Sheba”

  1. Lisa Campbell

    I would love to know more about this sweet girl. I live in NJ and currently have 4 dogs. One is a sheltie. We had two other shelties but they went to the Rainbow Bridge . We miss them terribly and I know that our remaining Sheltie, Murphy misses them too.
    Please let me know the specifics of adopting through your organization.

  2. Evelyn Llewellyn

    We have a sheltie and might be interested in another. We have a fenced in yard in Connecticut. Would like more info about your organization.

  3. Sullivan

    I too add my sentiments for this sweet baby to quickly find her forever home but like Pat, I too live in Florida. Good luck pretty little Sheba.

  4. Maida Farrar

    It breaks my heart when these sweethearts are neglected and not one inquiry about her??? I live in Oregon or I would take her. I know she is just as beautiful inside as she is outside. I am praying someone sees this on Sheltie Nation and calls for her. God bless the wonderful people who are helping her and all the babies who need us.

  5. Pat Monday

    We are in Florida, so I think we wouldn’t qualify. She is gorgeous and I would adopt her in a heartbeat.

    • Gillian Wood

      Such a Beautiful Girl . We would have her with our two Shelties too in a heart beat. but we live in the UK and we would n’t want to put her through such stress with Travelling that far. I pray she finds a loving home soon. :-)

  6. Bobbie Pyron

    What a sweetheart! Paws and fingers crossed in our home that she finds the perfect forever home soon!


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