13 Responses to “Attempting Christmas with a 3 Month Old Puppy”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    So much fun to see the progression of photos! And can’t believe how patient the two grown up shelties were during all the puppy antics :)

  2. Robin

    Love it!!! Been there done that!!!! So worth it in the end result!!!!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! From our Shelties to yours!!!!!

  3. Joan

    It was definitely worth the wait!!! The two “pros” look as though patience is being stretched thin. But I’m sure they will be the ones guiding and teaching the puppy the do’s and don’ts of how to be a perfect Shelite.

  4. Jo

    That’s the cutest series of Sheltie pics ever! Poor Coty & Katie are patiently sitting for their annual photo, while Logan just goes every which way but sitting still! He has ants in his pants doesn’t he? They are a very sweet trio Janice, thanks for posting them for us to enjoy.

  5. Sullivan

    Lucky you to be owned by these 3 little beauties. Cody and Katie look like seasoned pros, Logan is going to make you work hard for the money, however, by take 5 that looks like a pretty serious case of stinkeye from Katie. Hopefully, extra cookies in the stocking will cure that. Please give kisses and hugs all around. Merry Christmas and a Joyous and safe New Year.


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