Try a Sheltie snow mask. Buddy demonstrates…

Sheltie snow

You have one of those silly dogies too, Debbie? ;)

Toby prefers the face and neck version.

Sheltie face

They are just so silly, Dana!

6 Responses to “Headaches? Puffy eyes?”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    These photos are such fun. I open Sheltie Nation everyday before I get “to work.” I get such pleasure and delight from these daily photos. Thank you Kelly for starting my day with a smile and a giggle. Priceless.

    • Tina

      I agree 100% Ruth!!! I pull up Sheltie Nation before I begin to tackle my day at work and when the stress is unbearable I take a look at all the great shelties here and my spirits are lifted!!! So, yes… my life is touched in such a wonderful way with all these beauties and the people who love them!!!! Sheltie Nation is the best!! :)

  2. Sullivan

    There ya’ go Buddy and Toby, these baby’s are just too cute! You can tell your mommas that you don’t need a spa day, you have just created your own manly treatments and they are not for the faint of heart, that it takes a MAN to withstand all the coolness of those face packs. Having said that, you are both equally handsome with such adorable faces, so they must be working.


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