Misti Mae, a 12 week old Sheltie puppy looks up at her big brother, Stevie Wonder, a blind Collie.
Both adopted through Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.


So precious, Debbie!

15 Responses to “We all need someone to look up to.”

  1. Sharon

    This is so incredibly cute and heartwarming. I love the obvious solid connection these two have. Stevie is just amazingly handsome and Misti Mae is super cute. Congrats on adopting!

  2. Tatha Lorenzen

    I’ve adopted 3 Shelties through KCSR. They rock! Debbie also fosters rescues!

  3. Kimberly

    Congratulations on your newest baby! Misti Mae & Stevie are stunning! Blessings to you for adopting these beautiful babies! Wishing you all many, many happy years together!


  4. Robin Hall

    Beautiful shot Love It. I wonder how long it will take the little one to figure out He’s blind and start acting as a lead dog, and I am sure She will in time.

  5. Gloria

    This image of Misti Mae and Stevie just warms your heart! How absolutely adorable they both look together. I am sure they will bond and rely on each other as the years go on. A HUGE THANK YOU Debbie for adopting these two. Love the fact that they both have the same color! Many years of joy will be coming your way. Give them both a hug and kiss from their fans at Sheltie Nation!

  6. Sullivan

    Thank you Debbie for providing Stevie’s forever home and family, there are special seats on the front row for people like you. Both of these babies are beautiful, Steve is such a handsome, regal gentleman, and boy-oh-boy is that little Misti Mae going to be an absolutely beautiful adult. She is already so striking and looking up at big brother as if to tell him, don’t worry bro’ I got your back. Win-win situation all the way around.

  7. Naiche & Naruto's Mom

    Awwww what perfection !! We just sent our Beautiful
    mixed Collie ” Precious” on Rainbow Bridge… She
    too was blind.. Ohhhh how we miss her! Bless you


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