If you are about to undertake major renovations, consider employing a professional drop cloth sitting service.


Matilda is a funny girl, Pat!

6 Responses to “Job Site Supervisor”

  1. Gloria

    Matilda can help with my drop cloth sitting anytime!
    You are very lucky Pat to have such a beautiful girl!

  2. Jan

    Typical Sheltie… they love to lie on a comfortable blanket, or better yet a bed with a cushion for their heads! Our Shelties certainly know how to pose in comfort, and so does this lovely puppy!

  3. Sullivan

    I agree, no job site should be without one. Aw-w-w Pat, what a beauty your little Matilda is. This baby is the total package for me, beautiful dark mingled coat colors, little white blaze on the forehead, the tipped ears and the signature Sheltie smile. This sweet little face says I’m loving my job and I love coming to work with my humans. That is the best of both worlds and I’m lovin’ life. Break time . . . get me a cookie please!


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