My husband found 2 snakes, of course Bentley thought they were a new toy for him to play with.

I wonder if he would try to herd them too?


I bet he would, Kristen!

6 Responses to “New! It’s The Snake-Toy!”

  1. Brad

    “Bentley” is a “Pretty Puppy”!!!, He reminds me so much of my “Buddy”. Don’t mess with those snakes” Bentley”, their bad!!!!

  2. Sullivan

    Ah Kristen, the “nosiness” of our sweet furbabies! If you have it, they have to investigate and know all about it! Your little Bentley is so handsome and I love the little pink tongue, just going to get a “little snakey lick”! I hope that taste teaches him that when he sees one, that he shouldn’t try and pick it up.

  3. Teresa

    What a great picture. He is a beautiful boy. I am always afraid my shelties would use a snake as a tug toy. We had one in the yard this year and I made my husband hunt it down and kill it before the boys found.

  4. Gloria

    Ooooh noooo….
    Maybe your mom and dad will get you a new toy from the pet store Bentley.

    No playing with snakes please!


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