Piper, adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, reflects on the dreary, snowless winter we’ve had in Kansas.


Lucky you! We have way too much snow here in the Northeast, Debbie!

12 Responses to “Outstanding in her field!”

  1. Lucy and Eddie

    Well , if it is snow you want just come to the north and you can have all you want. We are starting to dislike it!

  2. Gloria

    Piper is absolutely precious!
    You can see the sweetness in her face.

    I think she is more likely reflecting on the fact that she found a loving forever home with Debbie!

    Thanks for adopting!

  3. Sullivan

    Debbie, congratulations of Pipers adoption, a new forever home is the best gift we can give this sweet little souls. Such a beautiful little baby to be looking so sad! Hang in there pretty baby, Spring is just around the corner.


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