Charlie is three months old and enjoying his first snow in Mississippi.


Goodness, Dew and Laird! Snow in Mississippi!

Picture by Laird Bagnall.

23 Responses to “A True Southern Snow Sheltie”

  1. Linda Armstrong

    Just wondering if this very cute puppy was acquired in Mississippi! I lost my best buddy, Rockee in Sept. I am having a very hard time finding another sheltie. I am lost without him. The days are long and too quiet. Want to find one really bad. Hopefully a Sable.

    • Laird Bagnall

      The vet gave it to us . It was in the box with his first sample Heartguard dose. It has a number on it printed along with a website. You register your puppy at the site so if he wanders, someone can go to the site and find his home

  2. Jan

    He’s a lovely puppy and is going to be a very handsome guy! Send more pictures into Sheltie Nation as he grows up, please!

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Charlie is absolutely adorable. He is so cute, he could be Mr. December on a calendar. You have many years of fun, cookies and sheltie kisses. Lucky you.

  4. Gloria

    OMG!!! How cute is Charlie!
    You are sooo lucky Dew and Laird!
    To have such a cute pup that is…
    … the snow, not so much!

  5. Sullivan

    My goodness Charlie, what a handsome little devil you are. With that little blaze, the tipped ears and that little white rounded nose, you’ve kind of got a Teddy Ruxpen thing going on. We know most of the Sheltie furbabies sure do enjoy their snow and your sweet little Charlie is no exception, he looks to be lovin’ life about now. Dew and Laird, enjoy this sweet baby for years to come.


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