Delaney was terrified of dogs until she met Zulu.

Now they are the best of friends!


So sweet, Richard!

8 Responses to “I’m Convinced!”

  1. Gloria

    Does not surprise me in the lease that Zulu won little Delaney over!

    Such a heart warming picture.

    I have always loved dogs and had a collie growing up… my sister was always terrified of dogs too. When I was able to afford my own home I was looking for a dog and my sister said… what about a sheltie? I have never looked back!

    They are the best dogs and Zulu is another great ambassador!
    Keep up the good work Zulu!

  2. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Richard, your little Delaney is beautiful. What a great way to teach her about the joys of pet hood and ownership, with the best little breed ambassador there is. Learning to have and be BFF’s is a wonderful lesson for all children. Zulu is certainly a very handsome little gentleman and the perfect first “teacher” for your daughter. Sending lots of good wishes as these two grow together.


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