4 Responses to “Doin’ The Doggeh Paddle”

  1. sylvia

    What a beautiful sheltie you are Cricket

    None of my six shelties would even walk through a puddle never mind get into a pool.

    So enjoyed the video, Cricket having a Grand time.

  2. Marcie Muir

    I love this video! Cricket is an excellent swimmer, if I didn’t know better I’d think she’s not all Sheltie but one look tells me she is. Plus she walks on water, what dog can do that?!? Only Cricket of course.

  3. j bernick

    I have had shelties for 39 years and am familiar with their traits. This sheltie does not love water. Everytime she gets in the water she heads for the place to get out. She didn’t jump into the pool, she slipped and fell in. Those who know shelties can see by her expression while in the water that she is not enjoying it. A web site that is devoted to shelties should not be misreading sheltie behavior in this way


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