Breed lovers have cherished the Sheltie calendar for over four decades. By purchasing one, you are giving back to the Sheltie community as it helps clubs and rescues raise money, and a portion of the proceeds continue to support the club that founded it. The images used are from Sheltie owners worldwide, so don’t hesitate to send them your favorite photo, as your dog just might make it into the 2023 calendar!

Sheltie Nation members can get a special discount too, so include SHELTIENATION at checkout and receive 15% off!

3 Responses to “The Wonderful 2022 Sheltie Calendar is here!”

    • Kelly

      Awe Erin, thank you so much. Yep I’m still here and just released a post. Hugs to you! :)

  1. Lyman

    Just wondering where to go to get the calendar? I don’t see it in the Sheltie Nation store.


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