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Welcome to Sheltie Angels

Dear Sheltie Loving Friends,

Welcome to the new Sheltie Angels section of Sheltie Nation!

Many years ago there was a website called Sheltie Angels Among Us.  It was a list of tributes to departed Shelties, a collection of artwork as well as some poetry.  At some point it was no longer maintained and eventually shut down. Once that happened, Sheltie Nation began to receive many, many requests for information about the lost site and memorials but did not have any way to help. Now we are able to offer a memorial section of Sheltie Nation in the same spirit!

Sheltie Angels is a virtual memorial home for your departed Sheltie and a grief support community for you. We encourage you to create a free memorial to honor the memory of your beloved Sheltie. Please take time to explore this expanded section of Sheltie Nation and become part of our online community.

Thank you for visiting!

Beloved Sheltie Angels

  • The kindest and most gentle companion. Mom's shadow and "baby boyfriend".

    Date of Passing: 20231027

  • Sweet and loving gentleman. Full of love for everyone.

    Date of Passing: 20230703

  • May you walk next to Jesus daily

    Date of Passing: 20230418