Attached please find a recent picture of Saylor, a 14 month old Sheltie currently being fostered by a volunteer with Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue. She lost a back leg after being hit by a car at the age of 6 months and more recently was found in a ditch with a luxated shoulder. She had surgery to reconstruct the shoulder and is recovering nicely.

Sheltie in rescue

Looks like she finally landed in the right spot, Nancy. Hope she heals quickly and finds her forever home.

(Click the link above to learn more about Saylor and too keep updated on her progress!)

rescue SheltieThis poor guy was found running the streets 7 years ago. The current owner took him in and now is giving him up due to moving. He has never had a secure home. If you can help Jimmy have a secure place the last years of his life please, contact us ASAP.

Our best guess is he is about 9 years old. He is house trained, walks nicely on a leash and does not need a fenced in yard. We are not sure if he is good with cats or children yet but we will find out!

Please contact Mid-Florida Sheltie rescue at if you are interested in finding out more about him.

They also have other dogs up for adoption on their site.

Can you help this rescue find a home for Biscuit?

She is beautiful, ever so sweet and about the friendliest Sheltie ever! As you can see she is a double Merle. A young family got her for free at a horrible pet store in Orlando. The store was going to put her to sleep! These kind people have three other Shelties, but they both work full time they simply have no time for her. She just turned a year old and the rescue will get her a spay and up to date on everything.

She does know some hand signals and is very smart, but she cannot not hear. She wants to be near her person and loves to cuddle. You can tell she wants to please and be loved. We need to find her forever home!

If you can help or know someone please have them contact

Shannon is a 6 year old female Sheltie who will be available for adoption from Granite State Sheltie Rescue. An elderly couple adored this girl just a little too much. They over fed her and now Shannon is an extremely over weight Sheltie – weighing in at 71 pounds! This has caused paralysis in her hind legs. She also had urine and feces all stuck to her under belly and hind end which caused her to have open sores that just weren’t visible until all the fur mats were removed. She is currently prescribed antibiotics for her skin infection.

Shannon was immediately brought to the vet’s, had blood work and a good physical done. Also with the help of the vet, removed all the mat’s and got her cleaned her up. Her blood work came back surprisingly good considering her condition, but her thyroid did come back on the low side. (She will be having more blood work for thyroid.) Because of her weight, the vet does not want to do anything just yet for her back legs as she needs to lose some weight first.

Right now, Shannon is being fostered and her foster mom is working very hard to rehabilitate her to get her moving and put onto a special diet. She was not able to walk very far on her own without having a lot of pain, so Shannon is doing water therapy three times a week.

Donations are encouraged as the treatments she is on are costly. You can help by visiting their website ( and directly donating.GSSR will be up dating Shannon’s progress on their Facebook page. It’s going to be a long road for this girl and one step at a time.

GSSR would like to thank the wonderful team at Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy for helping Shannon and she is getting better! Her weight loss is at 2 pounds already!  Go Shannon!

Please contact Barbara at Mid-Florida if you are interested in adopting these sweeties.

Barbara Davis
Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue

Meet Oliver and Kara. These two little ones have been loved and cared for ALL their life. Through no fault of their own the husband passed away a few years back now their mom is in the hospital with cancer.  There is no other family to take these dogs. Right now they are in her home all by themselves with people coming over a few times a day. They do not have any bad habits. Very Polite, they have never been around children (that might be difficult for them) they do not mind other dogs or cats. They would like to go together as they are seniors 12 and 13.

They are located in Gainesville FL. Barbara is happy to help with transport. All she needs is your name and number if you have adopted from Mid-Florida before, or please fill out an application.

Sheltie for adoption FloridaSheltie for adoption Florida




prince-fl-rescueThis is the sweetest little boy, he loves to smile and just wants to love you!

Prince, through no fault of his own has lost his owner due to an illness. He did not have a place to go, so Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue has been asked to help find him a home. Prince is 10 years old, very healthy and all that they ask is that you give him a lot of love, good food and a place for him to love your family. If you are interested please submit your application at:

Prince will be neutered, blood work, dental, shots, heart worm checked (kept on prevention) micro chipped.

He is such a sweet boy, due to MFSR taking in 6 Seniors this month they are very tight, so are asking for help.

Mid Fl Sheltie Rescue
407-719-1219 cell

By Holly Fent, Toby’s Foster Mom and President of Maine Sheltie Rescue

rescue-sheltie-toby-1I received an email from the Kennebunk Shelter, they always contact me when they get in a Sheltie, they know they can always count on us. They said that they got in a very sad case, and wanted to know if we would take on Toby. I said YES!

Toby, is a 8 year old Sheltie, and on March 6th he was taken to the local emergency veterinary clinic after his owner suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. 11 days later Toby was found, on death’s doorstep. Initially, the vets did not think Toby would pull through, unable to stand or walk, eat, and with kidney function levels dangerously high.

Much to the surprise of those caring for Toby, he improved a little each day. On March 7th, after 5 days of around the clock care, Toby was ready to be transferred to Maine Sheltie Rescue’s veterinarian. Evidence supports that Toby had been neglected far longer than 11 days. Toby is seriously obese at 70 pounds, his coat, nails, and ears in deplorable condition. Toby has a long road ahead – the arthritis in his legs requires he have physical therapy four (4) times a day in addition to helping him stand and walk. Toby has demonstrated a will to live, and Maine Sheltie Rescue is committed to getting Toby healthy and eventually finding him a home where he will never know neglect.rescue-sheltie-toby-2

On April 2nd, after 21 days at the Vet Hospital, Toby, now weighing 64.8 pounds, walking on his own, and is now in his foster home. It’s been an amazing transformation to watch. Toby has a sweet spirit, with a strong will to live.

Please consider helping Toby make a full recovery by donating to help with Toby’s medical care. Donations made directly to Maine Sheltie Rescue are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Support Toby

shep-1Meet Shep. He would really like a home for Christmas.

It is a very sad day for his family as they have lost their jobs and their home. They realize the only fair thing to do is to allow him to go to a home that is able to care for him for the rest of his life. Let’s try to make that happen for him!

Shep is a very sweet sweet boy. He is a little over weight at 30 pounds, but he is not a big boy. He is easy going, respectful other dogs and does not mind cats. Shep is a little shy and reserved, but once he trusts he will be all yours and more, he just wants someone to love.
Please if you have room in your home and your heart let Mid-Floria Sheltie Rescue know ASAP. The rescue has so many Shelties in rescue right now that they regretfully are not able to take in another at this time.
However the rescue will assist by getting Shep fully vetted and shep-2only ask that the donation be made for the amount of the vet bill. The rescue will not ship him, but he can be picked up. If you do not have an application on file, please fill one out so they know how to get in touch with you.
If Shep isn’t the right dog for you, please check out Mid-Florida’s adoptable page. Adopting another could open up a spot for Shep in foster care.
Rescue contact info:
Email: Barbara Davis at