booeyMeet Booey, a sweet natured, wonderfully energetic and playful girl now looking for her forever home via Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey.

Booey was very loved by her original owners, but sadly, their toddler’s allergies kept getting worse and her access to the entire house was becoming more and more restricted. Now that she is in foster care, she is showing off and playing with total abandon. Enjoys games of Sheltie tag with her housemates and will play fetch with her foster mom for literally an hour or more before stopping for a rest.

To see videos and additional pictures, please visit her personal web page! Smitten? Adoption applications are available by clicking here. :) Someone is going to be very lucky to adopt her!

UPDATE 3/17/14: Booey has been adopted!

WaltLook at this sweet little face! This little cutie was picked up as a stray on the Florida west coast. The rescue is guessing he is 9-12 years old. He loves people, loves to run, play ball, go for walks, lay at your feet or cuddle in your lap. His teeth were a mess, but they have now been cleaned and pulled…13 were lost, but otherwise he is a happy and healthy guy.

He is just such a doll, just a little guy that needs a home to spend his “golden” years. Do you have room in your heart and your home? Walt just wants to love you and be loved!

All the rescue asks for is an application, vet reference and a donation to help defer the cost to care for these Shelties that have been so neglected. Please contact at Barbara Davis for more information on Walt or visit Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue to fill out an application and see other Shelties that are looking for homes.

UPDATE: Walt has been adopted!

BuddyChipmunkThis is Buddy. We call him Buddy Bear. He was raised outdoors his entire life and had not seen the inside of a house until rescued by Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis (SCSR). Buddy has fallen in love with his Chipmunk and it’s rare that the two are separated. This gentle giant is 100% love, tail wags and Sheltie kisses. It has been my extreme pleasure to foster Buddy and introduce him to the luxury of old quilts and a soft toy. I am confident he will find his forever family soon. In the meantime, he and Chipmunk sit and wait patiently.

Hugs to you Christine for fostering this sweet boy!

If you would like to learn more about Buddy and fill out an adoption application, please visit Buddy’s page at Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis.

shebarescueSheba came into rescue a couple of months ago, unable to really stand on her own and walk any distance. She was overweight with very bad hip dysplasia. Well, thanks to her foster parents, Sheba is doing wonderfully! She has lost 5 lbs. and had alternative therapies including laser, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. She can now getting up on her own and walking around all the time. She still needs help with stairs, but she has improved so much! We are so pleased with her achievements!

Sheba is a truly wonderful sweet dog. She is friendly with the other dogs she lives with and great with everyone she meets. She is just such a happy girl who holds no ill will for being neglected.

Sadly the rescue has not had one inquiry for adoption for this girl. Please share her. She is a beautiful color headed white sheltie who will definitely not disappoint her new family. She has so much love to give!

Contact Julie at: [email protected] if interested in adopting this sweetie who deserves a loving home!

UPDATE 1/25/14: Sheba has been adopted!

sammyPoor Sammy, he really needs an angel! Sammy was one of the hoarder dogs who went with three others to Houston Texas Sheltie Rescue who had helped out with the hoarder dogs in the past. Unfortunately, the rescue had to close down and Sammy was still without a home. Tri-State immediately said they wanted him back in NY.

When Sammy came back, he was, sadly, not doing well. He lost a lot of weight and you could tell he just was not happy. After spending time at the vet and a battery of tests including blood work, ultrasound and urines, it was discovered that Sammy’s liver is failing, he is borderline anemic and has absolutely no protein in his urine (which is a bad thing -there should be some).

Sammy is also so emotionally drained. This dog has lived approximately, 10 years in the hoarder house with no utilities or water or connection with the outside world. The rescue trekked him halfway across the country in the hopes of finding his happily ever after only to have to come all the way back and still no family to love him.

While Sammy has not shown any aggression in his foster home, he has not dealt well with the poking and prodding at the vets office. He needs a quiet place to hang his little Sheltie hat, be fed wonderful nutritious food, be given his meds and supplements and have peace and love for the remainder of his life however long or short it is. The veterinarian has said he could realistically still have a couple of years with good support.

Because of all this sweet boy has been through and his medical needs, the rescue just wants him to have a family to love and honor him. They are looking for a forever foster home to care for Sammy. They want someone to open their home for him, but he will remain in the custody of TSSSR – meaning they will pay his bills for the remainder of his life.

Sammy’s ideal home would have no more than 1-3 dogs, be a quiet envirornment with no young children running in and out (visiting kids ok – Sammy can be crated or kept in a bedroom) and a fenced in yard. Sammy is a tiny boy – only 14lbs. 

He really deserves at least a little time knowing the love of a family before he leaves this world!

Please contact Julie at [email protected] if you would like to offer this boy a temporary or forever foster home. Sammy must remain in the immediate tri-state area.

UPDATE 9/25/13: Sammy has been adopted!

Daisy is a 2-year-old tri-color spayed female Sheltie. She spent a lot of her life so far living in a crate, but is blossoming now that she is in a foster home. Playing ball is her favorite thing; and her favorite ball is a soft, silly-looking stuffed tomato. She’ll chase it, catch it and throw it back at you for hours!

Please contact Northern California Sheltie Rescue to fill out an application for this sweet girl!

UPDATE 9/1/13: Daisy has now been adopted! :))

boopieBoopie is a senior male Sheltie who is somewhere between 10 and 12.  He a very sweet dog and is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, heart worm tested, microchipped and neutered.

Boopie is good with people and would do best as an only dog or maybe with one other, preferably a Sheltie or a dog of similar size and one that won’t be on top of him. Boopie does great with the Sheltie and a puppy in his foster home, but is not a big fan of the bigger dog in the home.  He should NOT be with small children as their sudden movements and noise make him very nervous. He would be OK with older children that understand they have go slow with him and not make quick movements or gestures.

Boopie is not a big barker, but when someone else is barking he will chime right in. He does not play with toys as of now, but enjoys chewing bones. He is very loving and likes to put his paws up on the couch or bed for a pat and will cuddle with you. Boopie is crate trained and a very happy boy whose tail never stops wagging. Sadly he had to be shaved due to severe matting, but his coat is growing in.  He is a real cutie!

Boopie needs a home to call his own for his senior years.  If you’d like to adopt Boopie, please contact Julie at Tri-State Sheltie Rescue  [email protected]. Tri-State covers NY/NJ/CT.

Please share him with your family and friends!

bingoBingo is our adorable senior boy who is looking for a home of his own.  He is the cutest little thing, only weighing about 13lbs.  Bingo is currently being fostered in Manhattan and walks wonderfully on leash in NYC. He is about 12 yrs old (we’re not sure – he was from a shelter), and is ok health wise. He did test positive for LYME and was on meds, and he sometimes zones out a bit (maybe a little dementia), but hey, I do the same thing!

When walked, he is constantly stopped and people adore him. We had the same thing happen at the Ny Pet Expo – he was the hit of the show, but we need someone to make a commitment to this very sweet boy. He is really no trouble, is house trained, doesn’t bark too much and is really good with kids.

If you have a little extra room in your home and heart to give this old fella a place to live out his life, both we and Bingo would be grateful.  He doesn’t take  up too much space and only eats 1/4 cup of food twice a day. At this point in his life medical care would be basically supportive care because at his age if something were terribly wrong, it wouldn’t be fair to put him through any type of harsh treatment.  There is no adoption fee for our Bingo. We just want someone to love him forever.

If you are interested and live in the tri-state area, please contact Julie at: [email protected]. Check out the other dogs available on the rescue website: