Jessie_1Check out this cutie pie who is up for adoption!  Jessie is a six year old tiny guy at 12″ and 20 pounds.  His coat is a dark shaded sable.  Jessie’s original owners were in the military and couldn’t take him when they moved, so he was given to a friend.  Sadly, that person moved also, leaving Jessie with an ex-girlfriend.   She really wasn’t able to handle a dog – especially one that was basically dumped on her.  Thankfully, she contacted Sheltie Rescue.

His foster mom reports that he has a happy little face and is always smiling.  Considering how many times he has moved around, that shows what a forgiving & easy going personality he has.  Jessie is full of life, has oodles of energy, loves toys (will toss them back to you!) and is a total snuggle bug.

What more could you want in a best friend?  :)

For more information about Jessie & to inquire about adopting him, contact his foster mom, Linda.

UPDATE: Jessie was adopted to a wonderful home ~ he has 3 sheltie siblings and 2 terrific parents!

Remember Sugar, the Sheltie we featured on August 11th?  She has been adopted!

We got a wonderful note from Lisa Scalf of East Kentucky Rescue telling us that a nice family saw her on Sheltie Nation & went to adopt her.  We love happy endings!

Sugar2Sugar looks a lot happier in this photo & we are confident she will thrive in her new home.  How do we know?  She already has her own blog!…check it out, it’s called Sugar’s New Forever Home.

Lisa, thanks for all you do for needy Shelties!

SugarMeet this handsome man, Brando. He’s not been groomed in this picture yet, but he’s
still beautiful…and look at that smile!  This awesome dog deserves a better life than what he’s had.  It’s absolutely shameful that this beautiful dog was dumped because he cried to come inside to be with his family. That action alone describes the kind of life he’s had…one without love. He will make some lucky family a wonderful friend and family member.

Brando is 8-10 years old, already house trained & knows commands and tricks!  You can see a video of him at www.found.petfinder.orgBrando is up to date with routine shots & has been altered.  He gets along fine with other dogs.

He needs a fenced yard and no young children. He also needs some extra time to get to know a few men…Some he takes up with right away, others..well they need to make an effort. :)

If your interested in Brando, there is an online adoption application.  Contact Lisa Scalf of East Kentucky Rescue for more information.

UPDATE: Lisa is happy to report that Brando has been adopted! YEA!

Sugar This beautiful little girl is Sugar.  Apparently, her family could no longer keep her because of a new baby.  Sugar has been taken away from the only family she’s ever
known, and she’s having a hard time. Sugar is heartbroken. :(

Sugar is 8-10 years old, good with cats, already house trained.  She knows commands and is the perfect little lady. Sugar is up to date with routine shots & has been altered.

She is very shy around strangers (as many rescue Shelties are).  She may nip at small children, so no little kids please.

Will you be that Sheltie Saint to show up and help her?  Someone that understands what it is like to have a broken heart?

If your interested in Sugar, there is an online adoption application. Contact Lisa Scalf of East Kentucky Rescue for more information.

UPDATE: Sugar has been adopted!  Yea!  See our 8/21/07 post for the details.

This is our second installment in our new category called “Adopt a Sheltie” & will be featuring Shelties that are available for adoption from various rescue groups.

Maine – Kennebec Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club Rescue

BustertoysBuster is a young Sheltie who was purchased from a pet store by his family. They then realized that they were unable to handle an energetic, unsocialized young Sheltie & turned him over to rescue.

Since Buster was not socialized as a young pup, he is afraid of strangers and new experiences.  He will need to go to an understanding home, preferably one that is Sheltie or herding dog experienced.

His forever home will need to take him to a positive obedience trainer and use desensitization and counter conditioning techniques to help him get past his fears – obedience training alone will not work.  (This rescue will be able to help his forever home with this.)

Since he is so active, he will need a fenced in yard (no exceptions) and he will not be able to be placed with young children.  He does very well with other dogs, especially Shelties, and cats.

Please contact Holly Fent or Cathy Small if you would like to find out more about Buster.

Holly, Thanks for doing what you do to help needy Shelties. :)

UPDATE: Buster has been adopted!

Here at Sheltie Nation we get lots of submissions of photos of much loved Shelties.  We have decided that we would try to do our part to help needy Shelties find loving forever homes, because all Shelties deserve one.  We have created a new category called “Adopt a Sheltie” & from time to time will be featuring Shelties that are available for adoption from various rescue groups.

Central Maine Sheltie Rescue has tried and tried to get these two senior Shelties out of the shelter and into a foster home. Meet “Roscoe &Tri”. They are sweetie pies, and deserved to be in a loving home. The Shelter won’t release them to a rescue group, so they must be adopted directly. They’ve been in the shelter now for over 2 months.


Here is the description from the Shelter: These two very friendly and affectionate Shelties came to us after their owner could no longer care for them. Rosco and Tri love everyone -men, women, children, dogs, and cats! Due to their advanced age, we prefer they not go to a home with children under the age of five. They are house trained and will bark at the door when they need to go out. They know the command to sit. They are looking for that perfect family who will care for them in their golden years. The shelter will waive the adoption fee for the right family.

Coastal Humane Society
Brunswick, ME

Phone: (207) 725-5051 Email:

UPDATE:  According to the Coastal Humane Society website, Roscoe & Tri WERE ADOPTED SOMETIME IN EARLY AUGUST.  YEA!!!