OK, Sheltie Nation peeps. Listen up!

Since 2006 Sheltie Nation has posted a photo every day of a cute Sheltie.

You heard that right. Every. Day. For over a decade.

Emails are getting a little thin and Tyler is bored without email to review. Where are all our Sheltie Nation friends? Hellooooo? Isn’t everyone done with all the holiday hoo ha?

So email us your funny, silly, sassy Sheltie photos at [email protected] Rescue groups send in profiles of dogs you have for adoption so we can feature them!

Tyler almost asleepYou…must…write…to…Sheltie…Nation…ZZZZ

Did you miss us? :)

Thank you Sheltie Nation for being so patient as we worked through the upgrades.

We have made a few tweaks to the site you might notice (and a few you might not). The navigation menu is now at the top.

But most importantly SN is now mobile and tablet friendly. Sheltie Nation anytime, anywhere!Sheltie wearing tieBoss man Teddy is telling me it is time to get back to work!



Starting tomorrow, Sheltie Nation will be getting a small upgrade. This requires freezing of the content for several days and we will have to postpone any new posts until this is completed.  Stay tuned and we will be back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Teddy will keep an eye on things…while remaining comfy. :)Teddy resting

My parents recently picked up their new puppy, Riley.

A little shameless family promotion on SN today! :)

Sheltie puppy Welcome to the family little peanut!


“Greetings, Sheltie Nation. Happy New Year!

My mom got me all dressed up and sent me to work. My job – to get you to share photos of your favorite Sheltie(s) in unusual, cute and fun situations.  (Just like me. Aren’t I cute?)

(Email your photos to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and your pup’s name too!)

See you here in 2017!

Smooches, Teddy”

Sheltie wearing tie

Teddy says: “I’ll take one of those buffalo wings, thanks.”

teddyfood Our Teddy is a tiny morsel himself. :)