Hello my Sheltie friends! Yes, it’s me and I’m still here. :) It’s become extremely difficult for me to commit to posting anymore. I’ve still not been able to find someone who can volunteer to help with the SN photo blog. Don’t worry, I’m not going to shut down this site, the Sheltie Angles area or the Sheltie Forums. I will keep this community up as long as possible. That capability is due to people like you who help support the site. It does cost a fair amount every month to pay for hosting/support, so THANK YOU!

So what do we do from here? I will continue to manage the forum community behind the scenes and will post here when I have time. I would still welcome help with the blog posts from a Sheltie lover who is competent and comfortable learning new computer software. Web experience is a plus. Otherwise, you are stuck with just Teddy and myself! ;)

Teddy says hello!

Sheltie Hugs to all of you!

Teddy: “Mom, where are all the Sheltie pictures you usually post?” Me: “Not sure cutie pie. They will just have to see your picture until more come in.” Teddy: “Can I have a cookie?”

Send in those photos Sheltie peeps!

Welp, Sheltie Nation’s email inbox got hit hard over the past few days. Thank you all for sending photos! We now have several weeks worth. Wahoo! Now hearing that news, please don’t let that stop you from sending more. Email them to [email protected]

If not, you will be seeing more of a bored Teddy from SN HQ! But gosh golly isn’t he cute? :))

Sheltie Nation has been posting a photo a day for almost 13 years. It is so hard to believe it has been that long! Submissions have been decreasing every year since Facebook and other social media services have become dominant. We have sent out periodic posts calling for photos. You all have answered the call bark when we ask! :) Unfortunately, these are still not enough to keep up with the post-a-day format you all have come to know and love. Because of this, the format will have to change. We will still plan to post your photos as you send them, but loyal email subscribers and visitors may notice the difference in our post frequency. Nothing else will change and the Sheltie Nation Forums is active and going strong. If you have not yet visited the forums, please do. It is a great community of Sheltie lovers!

Keep sending us your adorable Sheltie pictures and stay signed up for the email. We plan to continue posting as submissions come in, so email them to [email protected]

This is one of the first photos we posted of Trevor and Toby on Sheltie Nation. It was published on August 28th 2006. So darling, weren’t they? Time sure does fly. <3

OK, Sheltie Nation peeps. Listen up!

Since 2006 Sheltie Nation has posted a photo every day of a cute Sheltie.

You heard that right. Every. Day. For over a decade.

Emails are getting a little thin and Tyler is bored without email to review. Where are all our Sheltie Nation friends? Hellooooo? Isn’t everyone done with all the holiday hoo ha?

So email us your funny, silly, sassy Sheltie photos at [email protected] Rescue groups send in profiles of dogs you have for adoption so we can feature them!

Tyler almost asleepYou…must…write…to…Sheltie…Nation…ZZZZ

Did you miss us? :)

Thank you Sheltie Nation for being so patient as we worked through the upgrades.

We have made a few tweaks to the site you might notice (and a few you might not). The navigation menu is now at the top.

But most importantly SN is now mobile and tablet friendly. Sheltie Nation anytime, anywhere!Sheltie wearing tieBoss man Teddy is telling me it is time to get back to work!



Starting tomorrow, Sheltie Nation will be getting a small upgrade. This requires freezing of the content for several days and we will have to postpone any new posts until this is completed.  Stay tuned and we will be back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Teddy will keep an eye on things…while remaining comfy. :)Teddy resting