Izzy’s first birthday! Izzy is in the bandana and almost 10 year old Myla is in the princess hat. They are just happy that they got yummy doggie cake after this picture!

Sorry we are a little late in posting, Tyler! :)

His Majesty King Magnum Valentino of Northern Colliefornia

I am happily his loyal, royal subject for life!

;) Janea

Celebrating annual birthdays! Front: Brooke, Stickeen, Middle: Lyla, Pippa, Seamus Back: Stoli, Victor, Zeppelin (Many of these dogs are related; the 3 others are rescues, living in MN, AK, WI and we get together every July in MI). So amazing how dogs can bring people together who otherwise never would have crossed paths and become friends.

Sheltie party

What a happy group of party-goers, Becky!