Apparently, Drew’s mom is a big Penn State fan.  Since she can’t have the official mascot as a pet (its a mountain lion) a Sheltie will have to carry the colors.Where did you get that collar Marge?  My boys are UCONN fans!  (I love Shelties too much to have gotten a Husky!)Halloween is just around the corner folks…send in those Sheltie costume photos!

Misty looks like she could be on the cover of some funny birthday card.

(Happy 9th birthday Trevor…and early wishes to Toby!  His 3rd birthday is tomorrow!)

Sheltie in birthday hat

Thanks to Philip & Amy!

“Faster than a speeding frisbee, more intelligent than most humans, able to melt your heart with a single look”

“… Is it a Beagle?, Is it a Papillion?, no… it’s SuperSheltie!”
Shan1“Standing for truth, justice, and the Sheltie way.”

Thanks to Karen W. & her superhero Sheltie Shannon!

Can you tell? It’s Scout’s birthday.  :)

Now, if you REALLY love your Sheltie, you’ll do the same!

143155815_16b8f30307LOL, Matt! Scout is a much loved Sheltie!

Shelties make beautiful models…but they always seem to need to work on that “what ARE you doing to me?” expression.
78398944_334b05af96Thx Paul, Shadow did a really good job of selling the latest winter fashions.;)