See, they are real! And not ONE but FOUR! :)

Shelties in fairy costumes
Penny, Layla, Polly (16) and Gavin enjoy the beauty of the Gathering at Sunnybank, Terhune Memorial Park.

Adorable, Chris!

Murphy is looking dapper and festive.

Male Sheltie wearing antlers

Halo’s head tilt adds just that special touch.

Female Sheltie wearing antlers

I think it’s a tie, Manda! ;)

The cutest first responders you will ever see.

Sheltie in fireman and police costume

Dakota and Cheyenne look none too pleased, Marla! :))


Ghost Busters Shelties!!

Buddy, Cosmo and Finley won 1st prize at the annual NJ Sheltie Rescue Picnic this year.

Sheltie Ghostbusters

Yep, the song is now in all our heads, Linda! ;)

Everybody’s just standing around, nobody talking to one another, nobody talking to me…

Shelties in birthday hatsCelebrating the sisters’ 3rd birthday in style, on the beach in Ontonagon MI.

Tuna brownie cake and biscuits were on the menu!

Lyla, Pippa, Stoli, Stickeen (honorary sheltie), Victor, Zeppelin, Seamus. Lyla and Pippa were the birthday girls!

What an amazing picture, Becky!


Here is a picture of Jack looking like an innocent little devil! Lol!

Sheltie in devil costume
Why are you laughing, Rachel?

He IS innocent, right? :))