Merlot and Mercedes out for an afternoon at the beach. Can you tell which one is 11 and which one is 5?

Don’t they look like twins?

twin shelties

We’re stumped, Paul and Brenda!

Great name for a TV show, am I right? :)

(Riley in the front. Rascal and Rowdie in the back.)

Three sable shelties

They even look posed for a TV show ad, Linda. :)

Toby has his paws crossed so I’d say, yes.

(Mooshu is at it again .. in the back ground being his adorable self.)

Sheltie paws crossed

:) Holly

This is my 2 year old sheltie, Oliver.
He loves riding the daycare bus with his friends here in Pennsylvania!

Sheltie on bus

Love it, Tina! :))

Quincy’s favorite spot is the recliner while I am at my desk working!
Sheltie in chair

We all wish we could have such a cute co-worker, Terry! ;)