Quincy’s favorite spot is the recliner while I am at my desk working!
Sheltie in chair

We all wish we could have such a cute co-worker, Terry! ;)

Tavish chillaxin’ on my dad’s new blue quilt.

Sheltie in blue

It is a fantastic color, Melissa. :)

Honeybee just loves going for walks. Sometimes the local crows stalk us for peanuts and doggie treats.

She doesn’t mind sharing because she knows there is always a treat left for her!
Sheltie and crow
Almost friends, Kathleen? ;)

Hidalgo will put up with anything for lunch at the local grill!

Afterward he spent an hour wandering up and down the isles of PetCo selecting birthday presents and ended the afternoon slowly wandering from scent to scent at his favorite park.

Sheltie birthday

Looking spry at 11, Jan!