Toby has his paws crossed so I’d say, yes.

(Mooshu is at it again .. in the back ground being his adorable self.)

Sheltie paws crossed

:) Holly

This is my 2 year old sheltie, Oliver.
He loves riding the daycare bus with his friends here in Pennsylvania!

Sheltie on bus

Love it, Tina! :))

Quincy’s favorite spot is the recliner while I am at my desk working!
Sheltie in chair

We all wish we could have such a cute co-worker, Terry! ;)

Tavish chillaxin’ on my dad’s new blue quilt.

Sheltie in blue

It is a fantastic color, Melissa. :)

Honeybee just loves going for walks. Sometimes the local crows stalk us for peanuts and doggie treats.

She doesn’t mind sharing because she knows there is always a treat left for her!
Sheltie and crow
Almost friends, Kathleen? ;)