Two things I never thought I’d see combined, Shelties & Star Trek.LOL…that’s a unique screen saver & a first for us Chris!  Layla is a cutie though!

Australian_malteseCheck this out, our friends altered us to a request by Artist Lauren Davies of The Breeders project.  She emailed our friends over at Dog Art Today asking for assistance. The artist is looking for fur from some specific dog breeds that she can’t seem to find through her local groomers. Shetland Sheepdogs is one breed she is looking for!

If you would like to donate your dog’s hair or fur to this super cool dog art show, contact Lauren.  She will pay for shipping.

Sparx & Lucy are probably thinking this is a strange looking crate?

(Sheltie Nation Member Andrew assures us that their fur kids were just put in here for a joke!)

According to Sheltie Nation member Cera, Marty loves his “sisters” and this happens to be the best spot in the house, for naps, people watching, and serious sun bathing!

Sure Marty isn’t part Pharoah Hound, Cera?  What a pose!

Sheltie Nation member Nicole shares this funny photo & story with us: Moving can be very stressful for a dog, so make sure that he/she always knows where to go to feel safe.  Coda didn’t know where we had put her crate so she decided to hunker down amongst these boxes and wait for us to show her where we’d put her things.