Flurry has been putting in some long hours.

She works hard for the money, Ann. ;)

Rascal and Rowdie know when it’s their birthday. They get excited when they hear the Happy Birthday song because they know there will be cake and presents. Rascal goes bonkers! Rowdie is a tad more subdued but they both love a good party! Siblings Cristal, Ritz, Riley, and Pepe the parrot also party hardy. A good time was had by all.

Shelties celebrating birthday

They’re eyeing that cake for sure, Linda!

Shelties are from Scotland…

Scones are from Scotland…

I should have that Scone.

Sheltie begging

Java’s logic makes sense to me, Deborah! ;)

Timmy enjoys cucumbers from my garden.

Luckily, he doesn’t pick his own, so there are plenty for us both to eat!

Sheltie eating cucumber

A big chomp out of that cuke, Judy! LOL