Wearing silly headgear started with Aggie (stars) and continues with Tess. Sometimes I think Shelties are too obedient…but I love it!

‘The Monarch of the Glen’  Charlie from the North East of Scotland would like to wish everyone at Sheltie Nation and around the world a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Very pretty, Linda! Happy New Year!

Mistletoe AND New Year’s Eve. How could anyone resist?

Taffy is absolutely adorable, Lisa!

Everyone is dressed in their finest Christmas attire for the party!

Wahoo! Let’s eat!

After the party. All a little tie tie.

Shelties – Kayla, Murphy, Gracie, Savannah, Petey, Bella, Sunshine, and Bonnie (Murphy Petey, Bella, Sunshine, and Bonnie were adopted from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue.)

LOL, Janie!