Thought I’d share the “family” Christmas photo with you for SN. It’s one of my favorites, although after years of doing it I’m running out of new ideas! This one was fun, but my brilliant idea of adorning the Shelties with red bows was a challenge. I’m amazed that they’re all on in the picture.

Photo L-R … Checkers, Flurry, Lacey, Ruffles, Sprite on the ground.

It came out spectacular! Merry Christmas, Ann and to everyone in Sheltie Nation!

Harvie is meeting Santa for the first time and he’s not quite sure what to make of that beard. PJ is the sweet girl looking up at Santa adoringly.

So sweet, Patty!

“I know I was naughty and ripped up that cardboard, but I’m still dreaming that Santa will bring me toys.”

Oh naughty, Dianne!