My little “Rudolph,” Gavin, dressedĀ up for visits to school children and senior citizens in the merry month of December, in Wayne, NJ.

So festive, Linda!

Dessa is almost 11 years old and still waits for Santa to bring her special biscuits!

She is adorable, Marge!

Spencer his first time seeing Santa. Santa told him that he has been a good boy.And he is going to get alot of presents.

ALWAYS nice right, Nancy? ;)

Soprano Trio on the right, Basses humming on the left and Bella, our little girl in the middle, doing what she wants, as usual!

From the left – Bonnie, Gracie, Petey, Murphy, Bella, Savannah, Kayla, and Sunshine. Five of our pups came to us by way of Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR).

Oh my goodness, Janie!

Abby is 12 years young and patiently waiting for Christmas to arrive!

She is adorable, Shawn!

Last Christmas was Gandalf ‘s first. We missed posting his holiday photo, so Merry 2nd Christmas sweetie!

;) Susan