Everyone is dressed in their finest Christmas attire for the party!

Wahoo! Let’s eat!

After the party. All a little tie tie.

Shelties – Kayla, Murphy, Gracie, Savannah, Petey, Bella, Sunshine, and Bonnie (Murphy Petey, Bella, Sunshine, and Bonnie were adopted from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue.)

LOL, Janie!

From the West Coast of Scotland we wish you all at Sheltie Nation a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year. (Flash & Blaze)

Shelties in bowties

Thanks for sharing these two, Alison!

While we are enjoying very much looking at all the lovely sheltie pictures of Christmas in the cold northern hemisphere, down here in Western Australia we will be having a warm and sunny Christmas.

Bowie can smell which presents are his, Rebecca!

This is Koji and his new sister Lacey. They are both rescues and best friends after only 6 months.

This was Lacey’s first time meeting Santa and she was a perfect elf.

So well behaved and hugs for rescuing, Jenny! :)