Well, none of you coughed up any fun St. Patrick’s day shots this year…until now.  :)

Were you all out partying or something?  ;)patty3



Duncan & Sashi


Duncan, Sashi & Buddy…who are standing in a shamrock pattern!

Thanks Linda!


One of our Sheltie Nation members has a daughter who is away at college.  The daughter called the other day and said “can you send me pictures of the dogs?” So Holly, being the good mom, took her furry “four” outside for a photo with a message for her.Valentine_cardIn order left to right: Jenny, Ellie, Abby & Jake -with the

It’s Christmas

Now I lay me down to sleep,

with a Sheltie laying at my feet.

and when I wake at the crack of dawn,

he is licking my ear to announce it’s morn.

He pounces on my shoulder and settles on my chest,

He won’t leave til I tell him he’s the very best.

The Christmas lights are all aglow,

and somehow the Christmas message he seems to know.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care,

and when I can’t find him he seems to always be there.

He has such a sheepish grin on his face,

and the stockings seem to be hanging in a much lower place.

Honey M. Schilz / Shylo Farms Shelties

LOL…love the Santa hat!
77719210_747ef328f8Joey, Possum, Bentley and Casper posing on the deck.
According to Mike T., “Dosh was being trouble, so he was asked to leave. We have no patience with fussy models.”
(There is always one in the bunch Mike!)

I’m sensing a theme here…;)  But do we REALLY ever get tired of it?  Heck no!  Just remember our Santa Hat rule!
Little “Princess”  Sashi  (aka, “Devil Dog”) all decked out for the holday.Linda, thanks for the holiday chuckles!

OK folks, new Sheltie Nation rule (as proclaimed by Trevor & Toby):
Any Sheltie that is subject to the indignity, jokes & chuckles of a Santa hat this holiday season, must be given at least one extra cookie for each “offense”
…two cookies if you preserve it forever on film or video. Dsc00249Happy Holidays to you too Bruce & your buddy Snickers!