I bring Layla to church on Sundays. Yesterday, one little girl was reluctant to approach Father Tom for his special Children’s Sermon…until I suggested she take Layla with her. Here’s the result:

Sheltie in church

Awe such a confidence builder, Chris! :)

We recently welcomed our second (human) baby, and our photographer captured a pretty funny shot. Our ten year old Sheltie, Grimlock, was lying on our bed, and my husband placed our newborn, Theo, on top of him for a second. Grimlock’s expression in the shot where Theo was crying looks like he’s thinking, “Really guys? We’re doing this baby thing again? Seriously?”

Sheltie and baby

Congrats Danielle!

Link loves to give Katherine kisses and tries to play with her.  It is endlessly adorable.

Sheltie and baby

They really ARE endlessly adorable, Marie!