Elizabeth, Emily (the Sheltie), and Gray enjoying an afternoon. Emily doesn’t like to have her picture taken, so it was an easy shot to get.EmilyandkidsAwe sweet, Andy!

I do Character Counts on Wednesdays at Centreville Middle School.  Maggie is my assistant.  I don’t know who has the most fun Maggie or the students.Character1

Character2Looks like fun, Maryanne!

This is a picture of my Sheltie pup, Caliber, my niece, Hayleigh, and my sisters Golden Retriever, Murphy.   We were all outside one day, and Caliber lay down by Hayleigh’s stroller…5 minutes later, Murphy went on the other side…and there they stayed!TrioVery cute, Tara!

Jeffrey and Shelly share a nap.Very, very cute Janice.  Welcome to Sheltie Nation!

Even on day 1, little 3 year old Nathaniel and his new puppy are already best friendsWelcome to Sheltie Nation, Todd, Lana, Nathaniel & Captain Buster Brown!