We recently welcomed our second (human) baby, and our photographer captured a pretty funny shot. Our ten year old Sheltie, Grimlock, was lying on our bed, and my husband placed our newborn, Theo, on top of him for a second. Grimlock’s expression in the shot where Theo was crying looks like he’s thinking, “Really guys? We’re doing this baby thing again? Seriously?”

Sheltie and baby

Congrats Danielle!

Link loves to give Katherine kisses and tries to play with her.  It is endlessly adorable.

Sheltie and baby

They really ARE endlessly adorable, Marie!

Here is a photo of one of my Shelties, Jake, photo bombing and stealing a Halloween kiss from my little grandson. I was lucky to catch the moment. Jake absolutely loves the twins, Paul and Vivien! The feeling is mutual.

Sheltie kissing kids in costumes

Absolutely precious, Connie!

Declan talking to his favorite niece, Ana.

He’s crazy about her. :)


We can see why, WCK. Adorable!!!

Attached is a photo from our sweet Sheltie’s 6th birthday party.

Scout is with his three of his favorite human’s, Carter, Kamryn, and Robin.


Grandma’s have the best jobs, Sandra! :)