Pandp“Petunia & Perseus (known to all as Tunie & Percy) are almost 5.  My wife and I gave them to each other as a wedding gift when we were married in 2003.  They are half siblings, with the same dad but born two weeks apart.  They are extremely close and very loving to each other.”

Wish *I* had thought of that Richard & Julie!

DogportraitJean sent us this great photo of Dogs”.  We had to ask how in the world she managed to take this photo & responded with this great story:

“Last summer, when the Lassie movie with Peter O’Toole came out, I was invited to a special screening of the film in Chicago. They promised a visit by Lassie, and of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see her (well, him).”
“After the film, Lassie left her white limousine and came trotting to the
stage for photos and a few tricks. We were able to come up and meet her, and as I was waiting in line, I showed one of Lassie’s trainers a copy of this photo.

The trainer, mind you Lassie’s trainer, asked me the same question. He asked how in the world I made my Shelties pose that way, and that it would be impossible to get Lassie to do something like that.”
“So I have to draw the only conclusion possible: my dogs are MUCH better than Lassie.”


Here is beautiful & proud Montana on Prince Edward Island on the last morning of a family camping trip.
MontanaBeautiful shot, Jeanne.