Want to increase traffic to your blog?  Post really cute pictures and video of Sheltie puppies.  ;)

So, are you ready for your daily dose of Sheltie cuteness?

Mackenzie (a.k.a. the 4-pound hurricane) hiding out under the couch… waiting to pounce?
P1290023So sweet, Mehgan!

Here is proof positive that Shelties are smart.  Even the little ones.  :)  You can almost see the wheels turning in its little head !

Too cute!

This Sheltie is being so gentle…what a sweetheart.  Just more proof why we all love the breed!

OK, so the puppy isn’t a Sheltie, but its cute!

Hummm, I’ve missplaced my Sheltie.

Where could he possibly be? 
Dscn3405_1Thx to sender-inner Luciana & her stealthy Sheltie pup Logan.