Actually, I do have an excuse for not making the bed. His name i Trevor, and he was adopted from Sheltie Shack Rescue.

THE best excuse, Rose Mary!

Here is AnnieFrannie. 12 years old but still a puppy at heart, she was a rescue and always queen of the house and ruler of all pups!

So precious, Marti!

Daisy is a healthy, happy 13 yr old girl.  We adopted her when she was 8 yrs old.

She is well loved, Susan!

Years of fostering for Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue was the source of our well-blended family—Big Laddie, Kyla (the merle), and Zooey (Scout on our hikes), practicing their stay on a local trail in the Blue Ridge. Our “heart” family left us in 2020, but they still come on my walks in spirit.

Thanks for the chance to submit a picture of my pals and say how great our Sheltie rescue is (among many others, I’m sure).

Thank you for all you do, Kathy!

Willow (Bi-blue) says she wants more space. Angel says, Nope! I’m fine!
Thank you to Maine Sheltie Rescue for these two wonderful girls!

Lucky you, Ginny!

You already know my name. I am on the Maine Sheltie Rescue calendar for the month of April. I was adopted one year ago into my forever home.

Hugs for adopting, Sherri and Rick