Tyson was adopted from Maine Sheltie Rescue. His new family thinks he is so awesome, he gets his own blanket!

Hugs for adopting, Richard!

This is Buddy. He is a 7 year old we are fostering with the Maine Sheltie rescue. He is an absolute love, and loves attention.

Awe, Rich!

This is Connor, a rescue adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis, MO. Connor is about 4 years old, came from a puppy mill and has become the sweetest boy. He likes to snuggle in the bolster bed and in this photo he has pulled the pillow he should be laying on over himself like a cover.

Hugs for adopting, Barb!

This is Connor who I adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St Louis, MO. I fostered him for several months and then decided that he should just stay with me. Connor has become lazy and now reclines to eat his breakfast.

Hugs for adopting such a cutie, Barb!

With our town’s fireworks cancelled, we found our own beautiful light display. We just adopted Shay from New England Sheltie Rescue.

Hugs for adopting, Dianne!