Daisy is a healthy, happy 13 yr old girl.  We adopted her when she was 8 yrs old.

She is well loved, Susan!

Years of fostering for Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue was the source of our well-blended family—Big Laddie, Kyla (the merle), and Zooey (Scout on our hikes), practicing their stay on a local trail in the Blue Ridge. Our “heart” family left us in 2020, but they still come on my walks in spirit.

Thanks for the chance to submit a picture of my pals and say how great our Sheltie rescue is (among many others, I’m sure).

Thank you for all you do, Kathy!

Willow (Bi-blue) says she wants more space. Angel says, Nope! I’m fine!
Thank you to Maine Sheltie Rescue for these two wonderful girls!

Lucky you, Ginny!

You already know my name. I am on the Maine Sheltie Rescue calendar for the month of April. I was adopted one year ago into my forever home.

Hugs for adopting, Sherri and Rick

Tyson was adopted from Maine Sheltie Rescue. His new family thinks he is so awesome, he gets his own blanket!

Hugs for adopting, Richard!

This is Buddy. He is a 7 year old we are fostering with the Maine Sheltie rescue. He is an absolute love, and loves attention.

Awe, Rich!

This is Connor, a rescue adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis, MO. Connor is about 4 years old, came from a puppy mill and has become the sweetest boy. He likes to snuggle in the bolster bed and in this photo he has pulled the pillow he should be laying on over himself like a cover.

Hugs for adopting, Barb!