Christine sent us this wonderful note about her rescue Sheltie, Sabrina.  All Shelties should be as lucky as her…please consider bringing a rescue Sheltie into your life.

Sabrinie2_2This is my beautiful Sabrina. I rescued her in California 5 years ago. When I first got her she was paralyzed with fear from abuse and skinny and smelled like urine from neglect. She was used by a backyard breeder to attempt to crank out many puppies…and still fears most men. When she came to live with me she would not go potty for 5 days out of fear. It was the most heartbreaking thing you have ever seen.

Now 5 years later, she is happy and healthy. I had to teach her how to play, and that it is ok to relax and have fun. When she dissected the bathroom garbage for the first time I cheered because she did something “doggish”.  (BTW she has now perfected the art of the bathroom garbage inventory, so anything resembling Kleenex is now stowed safely away under the cabinet.) She is still quite shy, but no longer hides between my legs when another dog or person looks at her, and she loves treats and the beach. She has a vertical leap of about 5 feet from a stand still, most often witnessed upon any kind of real or accidental jangling of leash, in the anticipation of walk time. Or when I walk through the door. Could be 2 days or 2 minutes. All the same in a Sheltie mind!

SabrinieDon’t let the innocent look fool you. She just doused my face with a generous coating of spit prior to the camera timer going off!

Unfortunately there are plenty of Shelties waiting for loving homes this holiday season. 

During this season of giving, please consider supporting a Sheltie Rescue. If you can’t adopt thats OK, rescues need your generous donations of money, supplies or your time.

You can find the rescue of your choice by googling “sheltie rescue” or visit the National Sheltie Rescue site.

Shelties generally are quite polite in their requests for playtime…as Pilot (a rescue Sheltie from Mississippi) so sweetly demonstrates.  “Here mom, would you please toss my piggy toy?”
Dsc02339Cute shot Christine!

Laddie is a rescue Sheltie who had a tough start.  Can you tell he appreciates his new life?
217145559_8b86388361Neck craning thanks to Jess

What are YOU doing this holiday weekend?  Don’t you wish you were invited?

In the photo: The Chef is “Nickey” (a previous rescue). Laying down in front
is the blue merle “Cheyenne” – who is 17 years old!  At the table starting from Left to right: Bi-black “Jake”(with ball in front of him – because he’s all about the ball!.) Behind him is “Bailey”. In back the other Bi-black is “Ellie”. Next to her is the oversized beauty “Jenny” and in front of Jenny is her mother and retired Champion “Abby” .

Labor Day thanks to Holly F. & the Kennebec Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club & Rescue 

Tucker is a little rescue Sheltie who lives in NJ.  Does he not look SO contented?  The words that go around the bed say…”If my dreams would come true, bones will rain from the sky.”
Tucker_1_1Gotta have a bed just like this for your fur kid?  It’s made by Two Simmons Studio