Lady knows any place is a good place for a nap!

Sheltie napping

Hugs for adopting, Beth!

ā€œDoogie, our sock thief, is busted.ā€
Sheltie holding sock

Hugs for adopting such a cutie, Kristin!

Alex was rescued by Sheltie Shack from a shelter in Omaha NE, they said he was unsalvageable.

He came to us as a foster and stayed happily ever after and also is a therapy dog!

Rescued Sheltie

Such a handsome and dignified fellow, Sylvia!

Buddy Two Shoes was a little surprised at sign in designated dog area at I95 rest stop in Florida.

He would chase one if he saw it! Fortunately no snakes were observed.

Sheltie in front of sign

(Buddy was adopted from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue in 2016.)

Hugs for adopting, Joyce!

or belly!Sheltie upside down

This is Eiley, almost 3 years old, adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis in 2016.

Hugs for adopting, Angela! :)

“Mom, can you tell me again the story of how you rescued me?” asks Sweet Pea.

Sheltie cuddling

Awe Tracey, hugs for adopting!

We adopted 9-year-old Max 1-1/2 years ago. He was very overweight at 55 pounds.

We got him down to his target weight of 30 pounds in a year. He’s full of energy now!

sheltie diet

Wow, Dianne! If only the rest of us could be so successful!