Being a rescue from backyard breeder, Isis can be very, very serious.
However once we bonded the sky was the limit!

Rescued Sheltie smiling

Such a wonderful story…and a happy smile, Christine!

Sprite always seeks out the cushiest place to rest.

Today we stacked up the dog beds on our bed, as the carpet cleaner was coming.

Sheltie in stack of beds

She very much deserves the “cush” life, Debbie!

Hugs for adopting her!

Happy Seventh Birthday to Sprite!

It’s been six years since we adopted her from Rescue. She was a stray, living in someone’s carport through a cold winter with a litter of puppies. Now she’s living a life of luxury.

Adopted Sheltie

Hugs for adopting, Debbie!

Emerson Rose (Emmy) and Ella Rose are sisters that we adopted one year apart through Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. They are sisters through and through. One minute loving all over each other and the next minute wanting nothing to do with each other. After living in a puppy mill for 7 years they have acclimated quite well to the life they deserve.

Rescued Shelties

Hugs for adopting such sweeties, Beth.


Snickers was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St Louis, MO. She enjoys exploring the plants in my garden and watching the squirrels in the backyard.

Sheltie in garden

Hugs for adopting, Barb!

Our foster from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue is showing the rest of our Shelties how catching a ball should be done!

Sheltie jumping for ball

Pepper has skills, Janie!