Sprite, known in our house as Miss Bossypaws, makes it clear with a look whose chair she occupies, and it’s not mine!

Ah it’s good to be the Queen, Ann! :))

16 mo old Dakota getting schooled by 13 yr old Lexi.

She’s got it all under control, Casey! :)

This is Fergus Patrick. He tends to attract static electricity.

Tee hee, Valerie!

This has been circulating out on the web and it’s too cute not to share. If you know these Shelties and their human let us know! ;)

Gang of disorderly Shelties brazenly flouts Covid-19 social distancing recommendations!

L-R: Piper, Tiffany Kaleigh, Tiana, Hannah, Willy, Tuukka
Piper and Willy are owned by Kathy. Tiffany, Kaleigh, Tiana, Hannah and Tuukka are owned by Lynn. :)