Bailee has his sights on an approaching airplane in the sky. He is getting ready to take off in hot pursuit!!!

Nothing escapes the Sheltie eye, right Jan? :)

Missy always looks for ways to help me with housework.  One of her favorite chores is helping remove pillow cases and sheets off our bed for laundry.  She does however always manage to check out the “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest Sheltie of all”.  Missy, of course.

Such a gorgeous girl, Wendy!

Sprite, known in our house as Miss Bossypaws, makes it clear with a look whose chair she occupies, and it’s not mine!

Ah it’s good to be the Queen, Ann! :))

16 mo old Dakota getting schooled by 13 yr old Lexi.

She’s got it all under control, Casey! :)