I would love for you to meet Cooper.  He is a 4 year old Sheltie. I always say, which is shown in this picture, that Cooper loves his crate.  Of course he was crate trained as a puppy and he still feels warmth and comfort in this place.  Cooper would love to have his picture on Sheltie Nation so he can show all new sheltie moms and dads that even though puppies may bark and resist their crate they will find great appreciation for it in the future.  Happy Sheltie Training!!!!!

Excellent reminder, Emily!

All you Sheltie Nation members must be on the same wavelength.  Lots of sleeping Sheltie submissions!

My 3 year old sheltie, Tru, was sleeping on our couch. (At this time she had recently been shaved to help get rid of some bad skin irritations.) At some point my 11 year old son, William, came out from his room still very much asleep and proceeded to lay down on the couch too. Rather than get off the couch, Tru just rolled into her “very relaxed” position and kept on snoozing.TruThanks to Shawn!