Little Graeme started off using a small item as a pillow.Graeme5But then graduated to something a bit larger…and smellier.  :)Graeme2Welcome to Sheltie Nation Mary!  Consider yourself assimilated – thanks to Graeme!

Awfully nice of Pixey to share her bed with little Barkley.PixbarkbedVery sweet Ann!

I don’t know about you, but several of my Shelties like to sleep behind curtains.  Anyone else?LacicurtainThanks, Shelly!

Yea!  Another success story!  Remember Buster, the Sheltie we featured for adoption August 1st?  Maine Rescue found the perfect agility home for him.  He’ll be great at it, as apparently he is so fast!

Before he went to his forever home, he’d climbed the
stairs at his foster home & onto a bench that had blankets, and fell asleep.  He must be dreaming of his wonderful life to come.Buster_sleepingHolly does it again!