Snowy, a deaf mute double merle Sheltie, was sound asleep… and scared his owner half to death!  Snowy is too cute & seems not to know what all the fuss was about.

Don’t try to take a nap on the couch with Cinnamon…unless you want to be wearing a Sheltie “nap” hat. :)  We hear she is quite the pillow hog!October_dec_06_135She looks so innocent, Shelly!

Drew is clearly happy.  He has got to go on a fun car ride, a romp at the river & is now basking in the sun before his trip home.44059605_fb6339cafdGina, it is truly amazing that he does stay clean while living with a bunch of retrievers!

Who says kitties & Shelties can’t be best friends?  I can almost hear Mattie purring while Rudy is using him as a pillow.Rudymattie

Bet you didn’t even notice the other Sheltie sleeping in the background, did ya? ;)  Thanks msisk6!

Shelties do a great job of “pre-warming” beds for human use.  Just be aware that your Sheltie bed warmer will expect you to share.  :)AskansleepLooks like Askan is doing his job well, Tanja!

Toby & Willow are about the same size…for now anyway.  Toby is 4 years old & Willow is only about 3 months!
Toby_willowBrandy tells us that they are best buds!