Coda is not sure about her new brother Beau – they’re still getting used to living together – one thing she does know is that a spot that a pup has just left is always warmer than one that was empty.  So, when Beau got up from this spot, Coda took her chance and claimed it as her own.Too cute, Nicole!

“This is our Sheltie Angel, Cutter, who passed away a month ago at the age of 13.  We adopted him when he was 11 from a wonderful Sheltie rescue in Anchorage, AK, and brought him down with us to the NW, where the climate was much more suitable for tennis ball chasing.  We didn’t have him for very long, but we enjoyed his company so much… you couldn’t ask for a better little boy than Cutter.”

“Here is Cutter snuggled up to the Sheltie slippers on my feet last Christmas.  I’d received them as a gift, and was wearing them about that morning, when I felt pressure up against the side of my foot.  There was Cutter, snuggling up to his new buddy!  He had never slept against my foot like that before, but that changed when I got those slippers.”

Sheltie hugs to you Kimbery for adopting an older Sheltie…and for sharing this super sweet photo of Cutter with everyone at Sheltie Nation.

Little Graeme started off using a small item as a pillow.Graeme5But then graduated to something a bit larger…and smellier.  :)Graeme2Welcome to Sheltie Nation Mary!  Consider yourself assimilated – thanks to Graeme!

Awfully nice of Pixey to share her bed with little Barkley.PixbarkbedVery sweet Ann!