Keeko in her first snowfall at the start of the year at Arbroath, Bonnie Scotland. She really had so much fun even when the snow reached up to her belly!

Keeko is ready to have fun in any weather, right Moyra?

WHAT?! This is a thing?!

I don’t have a snow eating addiction.

Sheltie eating snow

Isis loves to eat the snow

We have the same problem here too, Chris. ;)


At 3 yrs, Gracie’s 1st experience in snow.

The smile says it all.

Sheltie smiling in snow

She looks like she likes it, Cheri!

Shelties are native to the cold, snowy mountain ranges of Central Asia, Europe and the Americas, so it is no wonder they would be so snuggly. ;)

Snowy Sheltie

Logan always looks so cuddly, Gloria!