Casey demonstrates the thermal properties of Sheltie fur.  He is so well insulated the snow doesn’t melt!

CaseyThanks Steve, Casey is one of the cutest Sheltie Angels in heaven.  :)

Well folks, it looks like the snow is unofficially over here in New England.  So for our last “Snow Shelite” hooray of the season, we present little Abbey, in her dashing winter coat & with a bit of snow on her nose.  :)


Thanks to Margaret!

Smulan is putting her Sheltie nose to work…our Shelties do this burrowing too…for what, I have no idea.  Maybe just for fun?


Thanks Marie!

Snip says: “If I close my eyes and pretend
it never happened, will it all be gone when I open my eyes?”

Snip2_1“I give up!!!  Wake me up when it’s over.”Snip3LOL…Sue, I thought Shelties liked snow?!

Here is a great picture of three friends
singing… Can you hear them?  :)

Chelsie and Wally have been best friends
since they were toddlers then Riley was adopted from New England Sheltie Rescue and they became a trio!

For sure Marsha, this will make a cute holiday card!