Who can resist taking a nap with a Sheltie pillow?  I know I can’t!SamCortney & Sam look like they are the best of buddies Dawn!

Sean tells us:  Wendy was having a nap when our cat, Jean-Paul Guy LaFleur saw some empty space in the dog bed.  Please know — this isn’t love or anything.  This is “waiting to see who’ll blink first and surrender the bed”.  They play headgames with each other — it’s highly entertaining.WendySean, that is quite a name for a cat – he must have the personality to match!

Small Shelties are handy to have around for those cold mornings when you just can’t find your favorite lap blanket.  Just grab one these off the top of the couch.  ;)

Resting_on_the_sofaKimmy & Brandy, at your service.

Thx Margaret!