Sean tells us:  Wendy was having a nap when our cat, Jean-Paul Guy LaFleur saw some empty space in the dog bed.  Please know — this isn’t love or anything.  This is “waiting to see who’ll blink first and surrender the bed”.  They play headgames with each other — it’s highly entertaining.WendySean, that is quite a name for a cat – he must have the personality to match!

Small Shelties are handy to have around for those cold mornings when you just can’t find your favorite lap blanket.  Just grab one these off the top of the couch.  ;)

Resting_on_the_sofaKimmy & Brandy, at your service.

Thx Margaret!

Think your face is clean?  Think again!

With the wonder Sheltie 2000, you can can have smoother skin than you ever imagined.  Don’t get your face washed by just any dog – get it Sheltie clean!

I must be nostalgic this week.  So in memory of Bentley (the second Sheltie in my life) & his birthday, I am posting what I think is THE cutest photo of him. I took this photo in June 1988, when I snuck up on my dad & little Bentley taking a nap on the floor with my mom.Bentley1Bentley was such a butterball at 8 weeks.  We debated naming him something like Bear (or jokingly “wide load”), but with Shelties, we felt you really need a more dignified sounding name.  Bentley grew up to be a *tad* over-sized :)  … weighing over 50 lbs (& he wasn’t overweight!)

Miss you Bentley (aka: Bennie Boo)

The snuggle Sheltie submissions are coming in fast & furious. “Of course!” you say – everyone loves to snuggle with a Sheltie!  Case in point:Sarah_bowsThank you Tim for this super cute photo of Sarah & Bows!