Brooke insists on helping me make the bed every morning. As soon as the comforter hits the floor, she’s at least partially on it, holding it down. When I am finally allowed to finish, she insists I lift her up on the bed for final inspection purposes!

Sheltie in bed

This cutie passes SN inspection.Thanks Sharon! :)

It’s been a long day.  Who can you turn to for comfort?

Your favorite stuffie, of course.

Sheltie snuggling with bear

The pic attached is or rescue dog Addy. She’s 12 and we adopted her a year ago. She is loved dearly, especially by our 2 daughters who are 12 and 7.

In the pic Addy is snuggling with my daughter’s stuffed polar bear.

Awe, Liz! Hugs for adopting!

Elliot has taken on a stray kitten, Newton, who loves him dearly.

They are constantly playing and cuddling.

Kitty cuddling Sheltie

Lucy looks like she wants her own kitty too, Donna! :)